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Alkhani, AnasPerson Why?
Alkon, AbbeyPerson Why?
Etiology of Alkylator-Induced Myeloid LeukemiaGrant Why?
Conditional knockout of activin like kinase-1 (ALK-1) leads to heart failure without maladaptive remodeling.Academic Article Why?
Non-Canonical Thinking for Targeting ALK-Fusion Onco-Proteins in Lung Cancer.Academic Article Why?
RAS-MAPK signaling influences the efficacy of ALK-targeting agents in lung cancer.Academic Article Why?
Kanaya, AlkaPerson Why?
Cu(I)-catalyzed tandem benzyldiazoester coupling with terminal alkyne-allene formation-Michael reaction: application to the syntheses of oxa and azacycles.Academic Article Why?
Mikrogeorgiou, AlkistiPerson Why?
EML4-ALK fusion gene and efficacy of an ALK kinase inhibitor in lung cancer.Academic Article Why?
Clinical utility of cell-free DNA for the detection of ALK fusions and genomic mechanisms of ALK inhibitor resistance in non-small cell lung cancer.Academic Article Why?
Paracrine receptor activation by microenvironment triggers bypass survival signals and ALK inhibitor resistance in EML4-ALK lung cancer cells.Academic Article Why?
Phosphoproteomic Profiling Reveals ALK and MET as Novel Actionable Targets across Synovial Sarcoma Subtypes.Academic Article Why?
RAS signaling in ALK fusion lung cancer.Academic Article Why?
RAS-MAPK in ALK targeted therapy resistance.Academic Article Why?
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