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Nguyen, TungPerson Why?
Tsoh, JanicePerson Why?
Social connections, immigration-related factors, and self-rated physical and mental health among Asian Americans.Academic Article Why?
Racial discrimination and health among Asian Americans: evidence, assessment, and directions for future research.Academic Article Why?
Theoretically informed correlates of hepatitis B knowledge among four Asian groups: the health behavior framework.Academic Article Why?
First National Health Summit of Asian American and Pacific Islander Health Organizational Leaders: Context and Conduct.Academic Article Why?
Bastani, RoshanPerson Why?
Working with culture: culturally appropriate mental health care for Asian Americans.Academic Article Why?
Communicating with pictures: perceptions of cardiovascular health among Asian immigrants.Academic Article Why?
Cancer health disparities among Asian Americans: what we do and what we need to do.Academic Article Why?
Discrimination and mental health-related service use in a national study of Asian Americans.Academic Article Why?
Jang, YuriPerson Why?
Maxwell, AnnettePerson Why?
Factors associated with mental health service use in Latino and Asian immigrant elders.Academic Article Why?
Health status of older Asian Americans in California.Academic Article Why?
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