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Applications of cost-effectiveness methodologies in behavioral medicine.Academic Article Why?
Effect sizes and statistical testing in the determination of clinical significance in behavioral medicine research.Academic Article Why?
Health Psychology special series on health disparities.Academic Article Why?
Health psychology: developing biologically plausible models linking the social world and physical health.Academic Article Why?
Health psychology: psychological adjustment to chronic disease.Academic Article Why?
Integration of behavioral medicine in primary care.Academic Article Why?
Positive emotions: exploring the other hemisphere in behavioral medicine.Academic Article Why?
Role of behavioral medicine in primary care.Academic Article Why?
The future of health psychology interventions.Academic Article Why?
Introduction: the state of research on black women in health psychology and behavioral medicine.Academic Article Why?
Hua, WilliamPerson Why?
Trends in presentations of environmental and policy studies related to physical activity, nutrition, and obesity at Society of Behavioral Medicine, 1995-2010: a commentary to accompany the Active Living Research Supplement to Annals of Behavioral Medicine.Academic Article Why?
Sepah, CameronPerson Why?
Behavioral medicine trial design: time for a change-reply.Academic Article Why?
Hypertension: a behavioral medicine perspective.Academic Article Why?
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