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Illness script development in pre-clinical education through case-based clinical reasoning training.Academic Article Why?
Ten Cate, OllePerson Why?
Optimizing clinical education: An innovative telehealth education model.Academic Article Why?
Coalition for Global Clinical Surgical Education: The Alliance for Global Clinical Training.Academic Article Why?
Recording medical students' encounters with standardized patients using Google Glass: providing end-of-life clinical education.Academic Article Why?
What is feedback in clinical education?Academic Article Why?
Hauer, KarenPerson Why?
Ovbiagele, BrucePerson Why?
Developing a Digitally Informed Curriculum in Psychiatry Education and Clinical Practice.Academic Article Why?
Clinical learning environments across two different healthcare settings using the undergraduate clinical education environment measure.Academic Article Why?
Trends in clinical education of medical students: implications for pediatrics.Academic Article Why?
Learning with and from Peers in Clinical Education.Academic Article Why?
Assessment and remedial clinical education of surgeons in California.Academic Article Why?
Using systematic reviews in clinical education.Academic Article Why?
Children's pre-operative tonsillectomy pain education: clinical outcomes.Academic Article Why?
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