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Wells, KennethPerson Why?
Irwin, MichaelPerson Why?
Long Term Depressive Symptom Course &Adverse Health Outcomes among Older WomenGrant Why?
Whooley, MaryPerson Why?
Lavretsky, HelenPerson Why?
Depressive Symptoms, Aging, Disability and Health OutcomesGrant Why?
Zisook, SidneyPerson Why?
Yaffe, KristinePerson Why?
Do depressive symptoms explain associations between binge eating symptoms and later psychosocial adjustment in young adulthood?Academic Article Why?
Leventhal, AdamPerson Why?
Arean, PatriciaPerson Why?
Byers, AmyPerson Why?
Depressive symptoms in middle age and the development of later-life functional limitations: the long-term effect of depressive symptoms.Academic Article Why?
A multilevel analysis of ethnic variation in depressive symptoms among adolescents in the United States.Academic Article Why?
Activity disruption and depressive symptoms in women living with metastatic breast cancer.Academic Article Why?
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