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Sturm, VirginiaPerson Why?
Decision Regret following Treatment for Localized Breast Cancer: Is Regret Stable Over Time?Academic Article Why?
Nonlinear dynamics of emotion-cognition interaction: when emotion does not destroy cognition?Academic Article Why?
Physiology and functioning: Parents' vagal tone, emotion socialization, and children's emotion knowledge.Academic Article Why?
The role of emotion and emotion regulation in social anxiety disorder.Academic Article Why?
Attention and emotion: does rating emotion alter neural responses to amusing and sad films?Academic Article Why?
Emotion Downregulation Targets Interoceptive Brain Regions While Emotion Upregulation Targets Other Affective Brain Regions.Academic Article Why?
Emotion language in primary care encounters: reliability and validity of an emotion word count coding system.Academic Article Why?
Separating subjective emotion from the perception of emotion-inducing stimuli: an fMRI study.Academic Article Why?
The neural bases of emotion regulation: reappraisal and suppression of negative emotion.Academic Article Why?
The neurophysiological bases of emotion: An fMRI study of the affective circumplex using emotion-denoting words.Academic Article Why?
Neurobiological Basis of Emotion Regulation Trajectories in Early Alzheimer's DiseaseGrant Why?
Nursing priorities, actions, and regrets for ethical situations in clinical practice.Academic Article Why?
Mendes, Wendy BerryPerson Why?
Relationships between Dream and Previous Wake Emotions Assessed through the Italian Modified Differential Emotions Scale.Academic Article Why?
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