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Living both music and medicine: Where the two practices intersect. (One of several sections.)Academic Article Why?
Marya, RupaPerson Why?
Utilizing drumming for American Indians/Alaska Natives with substance use disorders: a focus group study.Academic Article Why?
Messengers of Truth and Health-Young Artists of Color Raise Their Voices to Prevent Diabetes.Academic Article Why?
Hector Berlioz and other famous artists with opium abuse.Academic Article Why?
Medicine and the arts. Morning Song by Marcia F. Brown. Commentary.Academic Article Why?
Allison, TheresaPerson Why?
Smyres, CameronPerson Why?
Lafree, AndrewPerson Why?
Limb, CharlesPerson Why?
Allem, JonPerson Why?
Snyder, BrianPerson Why?
Lidstone, ErichPerson Why?
Johnson, JulenePerson Why?
Medak, AnthonyPerson Why?
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