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Penn, AndrewPerson Why?
Implications for psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy: functional magnetic resonance imaging study with psilocybin.Academic Article Why?
Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy Practices and Human Caring Science: Toward a Care-Informed Model of TreatmentAcademic Article Why?
Zamaria, JosephPerson Why?
Daroff, RobertPerson Why?
Pasquini, LorenzoPerson Why?
Reply to: Caution at psychiatry's psychedelic frontier and Challenges with benchmarking of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy.Academic Article Why?
Agin-Liebes, GabriellePerson Why?
Willow, EmilyPerson Why?
Sevelius, JaePerson Why?
Carhart-Harris, RobinPerson Why?
Grant, RobertPerson Why?
Mitchell, JenniferPerson Why?
Psychedelic-Assisted Group Therapy: A Systematic Review.Academic Article Why?
Coker, AllisonPerson Why?
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