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How scientists can take the lead in establishing ethical practices for social media research.Academic Article Why?
Social Media and Mentoring in Biomedical Research Faculty Development.Academic Article Why?
Trial Promoter: A Web-Based Tool for Boosting the Promotion of Clinical Research Through Social Media.Academic Article Why?
Adapting to Changes in Teen Pregnancy Prevention Research: Social Media as an Expedited Recruitment Strategy.Academic Article Why?
Examining tobacco-related social media research in government policy documents: systematic review.Academic Article Why?
Integrating Social Media in Modern Oncology Practice and Research.Academic Article Why?
A retrospective analysis of NIH-funded digital health research using social media platforms.Academic Article Why?
Developing Patient-Centered Inflammatory Bowel Disease-Related Educational Videos Optimized for Social Media: Qualitative Research Study.Academic Article Why?
Harnessing the power of social media: how can it help in axial spondyloarthritis research?Academic Article Why?
Development of the Intercultural Diabetes Online Community Research Council: Codesign and Social Media Processes.Academic Article Why?
A Technical Framework for Rigorous Health Communication Research in the Social Media EraAcademic Article Why?
Don't quote me: reverse identification of research participants in social media studies.Academic Article Why?
#Depression: Findings from a Literature Review of 10 Years of Social Media and Depression ResearchAcademic Article Why?
Using social media for health research: Methodological and ethical considerations for recruitment and intervention delivery.Academic Article Why?
Ethical and regulatory challenges of research using pervasive sensing and other emerging technologies: IRB perspectives.Academic Article Why?
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