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Creating a sustainable model of spine care in underserved communities: the World Spine Care (WSC) charity.Academic Article Why?
Impact of Collaborative Care for Underserved Patients with PTSD in Primary Care: a Randomized Controlled Trial.Academic Article Why?
Curriculum and evaluation results of a third-year medical student longitudinal pathway on underserved care.Academic Article Why?
A longitudinal community-based underserved care elective for family practice residents.Academic Article Why?
Using navigators to improve care of underserved patients: current practices and approaches.Academic Article Why?
Quality of comprehensive HIV care in underserved communities: does clinical training lead to improvement.Academic Article Why?
The role of black and Hispanic physicians in providing health care for underserved populations.Academic Article Why?
The impact of primary care physicians on follow-up care of underserved breast cancer survivors.Academic Article Why?
Use of telemedicine to provide pediatric critical care inpatient consultations to underserved rural Northern California.Academic Article Why?
Identifying chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in primary care of urban underserved patients: tools, applications, and challenges.Academic Article Why?
Community Partners in Care: Leveraging Community Diversity to Improve Depression Care for Underserved Populations.Academic Article Why?
World Spine Care: providing sustainable, integrated, evidence-based spine care in underserved communities around the world.Academic Article Why?
Care to underserved children: Residents' attitudes and experiences.Academic Article Why?
Preparing Family Physicians to Care for Underserved Populations: A Historical Perspective.Academic Article Why?
Facilitators of Survivorship Care Among Underserved Breast Cancer Survivors: a Qualitative Study.Academic Article Why?
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