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DDOT: A Swiss Army Knife for Investigating Data-Driven Biological Ontologies.Academic Article Why?
Relations in biomedical ontologies.Academic Article Why?
Integration of extracellular RNA profiling data using metadata, biomedical ontologies and Linked Data technologies.Academic Article Why?
National Center for Biomedical Ontology: advancing biomedicine through structured organization of scientific knowledge.Academic Article Why?
Biological OntologiesConcept Why?
Peters, BjoernPerson Why?
Sim, IdaPerson Why?
Arnaout, RimaPerson Why?
Better living through ontologies at the Immune Epitope Database.Academic Article Why?
Building and evaluating an ontology-based tool for reasoning about consent permission.Academic Article Why?
Cell type discovery and representation in the era of high-content single cell phenotyping.Academic Article Why?
Disease Ontology 2015 update: an expanded and updated database of human diseases for linking biomedical knowledge through disease data.Academic Article Why?
FAIR principles and the IEDB: short-term improvements and a long-term vision of OBO-foundry mediated machine-actionable interoperability.Academic Article Why?
FALDO: a semantic standard for describing the location of nucleotide and protein feature annotation.Academic Article Why?
Finding useful data across multiple biomedical data repositories using DataMed.Academic Article Why?
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