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Osteopontin deficiency increases bone fragility but preserves bone mass.Academic Article Why?
Genetic Risk Scores Implicated in Adult Bone Fragility Associate With Pediatric Bone Density.Academic Article Why?
Glucocorticoids cause mandibular bone fragility and suppress osteocyte perilacunar-canalicular remodeling.Academic Article Why?
Diabetes, fracture, and bone fragility.Academic Article Why?
Diagnosis and management of bone fragility in diabetes: an emerging challenge.Academic Article Why?
Fatigue as the missing link between bone fragility and fracture.Academic Article Why?
Glucocorticoid-induced bone fragility.Academic Article Why?
Mechanisms of diabetes mellitus-induced bone fragility.Academic Article Why?
The importance of intrinsic damage properties to bone fragility: a finite element study.Academic Article Why?
Tibial plateau fracture as a measure of early estrogen-dependent bone fragility in rats.Academic Article Why?
Use of zoledronate for treatment of a bone fragility disorder in horses.Academic Article Why?
Advanced imaging of bone macrostructure and microstructure in bone fragility and fracture repair.Academic Article Why?
Bone Quality Sleuths: Uncovering Tissue-Level Mechanisms of Bone Fragility in Human Type 2 Diabetes.Academic Article Why?
A Novel T55A Variant of Gs a Associated with Impaired cAMP Production, Bone Fragility, and Osteolysis.Academic Article Why?
Clinical and scintigraphic findings in horses with a bone fragility disorder: 16 cases (1980-2006).Academic Article Why?
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