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BCILAB: a platform for brain-computer interface development.Academic Article Why?
ERPs evoked by different matrix sizes: implications for a brain computer interface (BCI) system.Academic Article Why?
Think to move: a neuromagnetic brain-computer interface (BCI) system for chronic stroke.Academic Article Why?
Nagarajan, SrikantanPerson Why?
Classification of motor imagery BCI using multivariate empirical mode decomposition.Academic Article Why?
Developing stimulus presentation on mobile devices for a truly portable SSVEP-based BCI.Academic Article Why?
Hybrid frequency and phase coding for a high-speed SSVEP-based BCI speller.Academic Article Why?
Integrating language models into classifiers for BCI communication: a review.Academic Article Why?
An approximation approach for rendering visual flickers in SSVEP-based BCI using monitor refresh rate.Academic Article Why?
ECoG data analyses to inform closed-loop BCI experiments for speech-based prosthetic applications.Academic Article Why?
Evaluating true BCI communication rate through mutual information and language models.Academic Article Why?
Pouratian, NaderPerson Why?
Jung, Tzyy-pingPerson Why?
Makeig, ScottPerson Why?
Nakanishi, MasakiPerson Why?
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