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Yen, IrenePerson Why?
Cost analysis of the built environment: the case of bike and pedestrian trials in Lincoln, Neb.Academic Article Why?
Environmental correlates of walking and cycling: findings from the transportation, urban design, and planning literatures.Academic Article Why?
Sallis, JamesPerson Why?
Improving air quality in megacities: Mexico City case study.Academic Article Why?
The role of built environments in physical activity, eating, and obesity in childhood.Academic Article Why?
How the built environment affects physical activity: views from urban planning.Academic Article Why?
Are features of the neighborhood environment associated with disability in older adults?Academic Article Why?
Pratt, MichaelPerson Why?
Kendall, AlisonPerson Why?
Use of science to guide city planning policy and practice: how to achieve healthy and sustainable future cities.Academic Article Why?
Molina, MarioPerson Why?
Conway, TerryPerson Why?
Yeh, JarminPerson Why?
Strathdee, SteffaniePerson Why?
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