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Butte, AtulPerson Why?
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Educating biologists in the 21st century: bioinformatics scientists versus bioinformatics technicians.Academic Article Why?
Bioinformatics Meets Virology: The European Virus Bioinformatics Center's Second Annual Meeting.Academic Article Why?
Evolving from bioinformatics in-the-small to bioinformatics in-the-large.Academic Article Why?
A field guide to cultivating computational biology.Academic Article Why?
A Review of 2008 for PLoS Computational Biology.Academic Article Why?
A Review of 2010 for PLoS Computational Biology.Academic Article Why?
Computational biology of the heart: from structure to function.Academic Article Why?
Computational biology resources lack persistence and usability.Academic Article Why?
Computational biology: Turing's lessons in simplicity.Academic Article Why?
Developing computational biology.Academic Article Why?
Exploring cardiac form and function: A length-scale computational biology approach.Academic Article Why?
From bytes to bedside: data integration and computational biology for translational cancer research.Academic Article Why?
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