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Community mitigation of disease outbreaks health communication perspectives.Academic Article Why?
Health communication with Chinese Americans about type 2 diabetes.Academic Article Why?
Health communication in the Latino community: issues and approaches.Academic Article Why?
Mapping of Health Communication and Education Strategies Addressing the Public Health Dangers of Illicit Online Pharmacies.Academic Article Why?
Patient Health Communication Mediating Effects Between Gastrointestinal Symptoms and Gastrointestinal Worry in Pediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease.Academic Article Why?
Mass media health communication campaigns combined with health-related product distribution: a community guide systematic review.Academic Article Why?
Mental Health Communication in Elderly Primary Care Visits and Economic OutcomesGrant Why?
Health Communication "Noise": Insights from Medical AnthropologyAcademic Article Why?
Health communication: Theory, method, and application, Harrington, NG (ed)Academic Article Why?
An Experimental Test of the Two-Dimensional Theory of Cultural Sensitivity in Health Communication.Academic Article Why?
Literacy and health communication: reversing the 'inverse care law'.Academic Article Why?
Preferences for perinatal health communication of women in rural Tibet.Academic Article Why?
Reaching out to America's immigrants: community health advisors and health communication.Academic Article Why?
Relationship among patients' perceived capacity for communication, health literacy, and diabetes self-care.Academic Article Why?
Research Methods in Health Communication: Principles and Application, Whaley, BB (ed)Academic Article Why?
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