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Aarons, GregoryPerson Why?
Realizing the vision of leadership development in an academic health center: the Woodruff Leadership Academy.Academic Article Why?
The Implementation Leadership Scale (ILS): development of a brief measure of unit level implementation leadership.Academic Article Why?
Transitional Leadership: Leadership During Times of Transition, Key Principles, and Considerations for Success.Academic Article Why?
Pediatric Fellows Leadership and Advocacy Group (FLAG) Leadership AwardAward or Honor Receipt Why?
Leadership Development for Evidence Based Practice ImplementationGrant Why?
Ottawa Model of Implementation Leadership and Implementation Leadership Scale: mapping concepts for developing and evaluating theory-based leadership interventions.Academic Article Why?
A framework for evaluating and continuously improving the NCHL transformational leadership initiative. National Center for Healthcare Leadership.Academic Article Why?
Interprofessional academic health center leadership development: the case of the University of Alabama at Birmingham's Healthcare Leadership Academy.Academic Article Why?
Leadership and organizational change for implementation (LOCI): a randomized mixed method pilot study of a leadership and organization development intervention for evidence-based practice implementation.Academic Article Why?
Developing policy leadership in nursing: three wishes.Academic Article Why?
Diversity in the American Society of Anesthesiologists Leadership.Academic Article Why?
Equity in surgical leadership for women: more work to do.Academic Article Why?
Leadership and Teamwork in Trauma and Resuscitation.Academic Article Why?
Leadership is associated with lower levels of stress.Academic Article Why?
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