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Mathematical Modeling and Analysis of Ocular Fluid Dynamics and Transport Phenomena for Retinal Drug DeliveryGrant Why?
Vascular tortuosity: a mathematical modeling perspective.Academic Article Why?
Linking mathematical modeling with human neuroimaging to segregate verbal working memory maintenance processes from stimulus encoding.Academic Article Why?
Predicting tumor cell repopulation after response: mathematical modeling of cancer cell growth.Academic Article Why?
Mathematical modeling in necrotizing enterocolitis--a new look at an ongoing problem.Academic Article Why?
An enzyme mechanism language for the mathematical modeling of metabolic pathways.Academic Article Why?
Mathematical modeling of the effects of CK2.3 on mineralization in osteoporotic bone.Academic Article Why?
Re: Remien etal.: mathematical modeling of liver injury and dysfunction after acetaminophen overdose.Academic Article Why?
Coordination of cell growth and cell division: a mathematical modeling study.Academic Article Why?
Mathematical modeling of aortic valve dynamics during systole.Academic Article Why?
Mathematical modeling of cardiac growth and remodeling.Academic Article Why?
Mathematical modeling of eukaryotic cell migration: insights beyond experiments.Academic Article Why?
Mathematical modeling of mutant transferrin-CRM107 molecular conjugates for cancer therapy.Academic Article Why?
Mathematical Modeling of RNA-Based Architectures for Closed Loop Control of Gene Expression.Academic Article Why?
The force-frequency relationship: insights from mathematical modeling.Academic Article Why?
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