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Engineering the mechanical and biological properties of nanofibrous vascular grafts for in situ vascular tissue engineering.Academic Article Why?
Fields, AaronPerson Why?
Mechanical & Environmental Engineering UcsbDepartment Why?
Athanasiou, KyriacosPerson Why?
American Institute for Mechanical and Biological Engineering (AIMBE), College of FellowsAward or Honor Receipt Why?
Mechanical And Aerospace EngineeringDepartment Why?
Abi Ghanem, MarounPerson Why?
Tissue engineering by molecular disassembly and reassembly: biomimetic retention of mechanically functional aggrecan in hydrogel.Academic Article Why?
Engineering strategies to recapitulate epithelial morphogenesis within synthetic three-dimensional extracellular matrix with tunable mechanical properties.Academic Article Why?
Mechanical stimulation toward tissue engineering of the knee meniscus.Academic Article Why?
Mechanical properties of electrospun bilayer fibrous membranes as potential scaffolds for tissue engineering.Academic Article Why?
Engineering of a straighter septum: numerical model of mechanical stress relaxation in laser-heated septal cartilage.Academic Article Why?
PGS:Gelatin nanofibrous scaffolds with tunable mechanical and structural properties for engineering cardiac tissues.Academic Article Why?
Lotz, JeffreyPerson Why?
Baylon, GabyPerson Why?
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