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UCLA Center for Minority Health DisparitiesGrant Why?
Assessment of acculturation in minority health research.Academic Article Why?
Culture change and ethnic-minority health behavior: an operant theory of acculturation.Academic Article Why?
Epidemiology, policy, and racial/ethnic minority health disparities.Academic Article Why?
Mays, VickiePerson Why?
Bridging Research, Innovation, Training & Education Solutions for Minority HealthGrant Why?
Inaugural Fellow, Summer Research Career Development Institute, Center for Minority HealthAward or Honor Receipt Why?
Minority HealthConcept Why?
Minority Health & Health Disparities International Research Training ProgramGrant Why?
Park, VanPerson Why?
Big Data Science: Opportunities and Challenges to Address Minority Health and Health Disparities in the 21st Century.Academic Article Why?
Historically black medical schools: addressing the minority health professional pipeline and the public mission of care for vulnerable populations.Academic Article Why?
Acceptance of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender People--Reply.Academic Article Why?
Adapting a program to inform African American and Hispanic American women about cancer clinical trials.Academic Article Why?
Barriers to healthcare for transgender individuals.Academic Article Why?
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