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Inferential language use by youth with Down syndrome during narration.Academic Article Why?
NarrationConcept Why?
Aronson, LouisePerson Why?
Hergott Heart of Medicine Award. First place award for narrative medicine piece.Award or Honor Receipt Why?
Jih, JanePerson Why?
Penner, JohnPerson Why?
"And I look down and he is gone": narrating autism, elopement and wandering in Los Angeles.Academic Article Why?
"I can't be what I want to be": children's narratives of chronic pain experiences and treatment outcomes.Academic Article Why?
A call to arms against "The Phantom of Epilepsy".Academic Article Why?
A story of change: The influence of narrative on African-Americans with diabetes.Academic Article Why?
Carpenter et al. respond.Academic Article Why?
Comparing the Relative Efficacy of Narrative vs Nonnarrative Health Messages in Reducing Health Disparities Using a Randomized Trial.Academic Article Why?
Deciding for others at the end of life: storytelling and moral agency.Academic Article Why?
Dreamlike events are correlated with the length of sleep mentation reports.Academic Article Why?
Elements of dynamics v: resiliency and the narrative.Academic Article Why?
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