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Brody, ArthurPerson Why?
Leventhal, AdamPerson Why?
Benowitz, NealPerson Why?
Organizational Change and Nicotine Dependence TreatmentGrant Why?
Hall, SharonPerson Why?
Ziedonis, DouglasPerson Why?
Development of GABABeta Receptor Compounds for Nicotine DependenceGrant Why?
Assessing dimensions of nicotine dependence: an evaluation of the Nicotine Dependence Syndrome Scale (NDSS) and the Wisconsin Inventory of Smoking Dependence Motives (WISDM).Academic Article Why?
Exploring the role of a nicotine quantity-frequency use criterion in the classification of nicotine dependence and the stability of a nicotine dependence continuum over time.Academic Article Why?
Refining the depression-nicotine dependence link: patterns of depressive symptoms in psychiatric outpatients with current, past, and no history of nicotine dependence.Academic Article Why?
A DRD2 and ANKK1 haplotype is associated with nicotine dependence.Academic Article Why?
A twin study of smoking, nicotine dependence, and major depression in men.Academic Article Why?
Acceptance of nicotine dependence treatment among currently depressed smokers.Academic Article Why?
Is marijuana use becoming a 'gateway' to nicotine dependence?Academic Article Why?
Negative affective states and cognitive impairments in nicotine dependence.Academic Article Why?
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