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Academic recognition of educational scholarship.Academic Article Why?
Education Scholarship Fellowships: An Emerging Model for Creating Educational Leaders.Academic Article Why?
Exploring Scholarship and the Emergency Medicine Educator: A Workforce Study.Academic Article Why?
Exploring the institutional logics of health professions education scholarship units.Academic Article Why?
Health Professions Education Scholarship Unit Leaders as Institutional Entrepreneurs.Academic Article Why?
Predictors of workforce retention among Malawian nurse graduates of a scholarship program: a mixed-methods study.Academic Article Why?
Survey of the American College of Surgeons scholarship recipients: a story of generating academic leaders.Academic Article Why?
The development of practice scholarship in DNP programs: a paradigm shift.Academic Article Why?
Fellowships and ScholarshipsConcept Why?
Duke University Giorgio Ciompi Music ScholarshipsAward or Honor Receipt Why?
Duke University Larry and Violet H. Turner Music ScholarshipsAward or Honor Receipt Why?
Government Scholarships to Study AbroadAward or Honor Receipt Why?
increased scholarships for outstanding academic performanceAward or Honor Receipt Why?
Outstanding Undergraduate ScholarshipsAward or Honor Receipt Why?
Coates, Wendy CPerson Why?
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