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Alcohol consumption in traumatic brain injury: attenuation of TBI-induced hyperthermia and neurocognitive deficits.Academic Article Why?
Evaluating anemia as a risk factor for worse neurologic outcome after traumatic brain injury (TBI).Academic Article Why?
Response inhibition after traumatic brain injury (TBI) in children: impairment and recovery.Academic Article Why?
Mukherjee, PratikPerson Why?
Collaborative European NeuroTrauma Effectiveness Research in Traumatic Brain Injury (CENTER-TBI): a prospective longitudinal observational study.Academic Article Why?
Common biochemical defects linkage between post-traumatic stress disorders, mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) and penetrating TBI.Academic Article Why?
Diffusion tensor imaging for outcome prediction in mild traumatic brain injury: a TRACK-TBI study.Academic Article Why?
Symptomatology and functional outcome in mild traumatic brain injury: results from the prospective TRACK-TBI study.Academic Article Why?
The impact of previous traumatic brain injury on health and functioning: a TRACK-TBI study.Academic Article Why?
Pati, ShibaniPerson Why?
Diffusion tensor imaging for outcome prediction in mild traumatic brain injury: A TRACK-TBI studyAcademic Article Why?
Catecholamines as outcome markers in isolated traumatic brain injury: the COMA-TBI study.Academic Article Why?
Manley, GeoffreyPerson Why?
Postconcussive symptoms (PCS) following combat-related traumatic brain injury (TBI) in Veterans with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD): Influence of TBI, PTSD, and depression on symptoms measured by the Neurobehavioral Symptom Inventory (NSI).Academic Article Why?
Combined SCI and TBI: recovery of forelimb function after unilateral cervical spinal cord injury (SCI) is retarded by contralateral traumatic brain injury (TBI), and ipsilateral TBI balances the effects of SCI on paw placement.Academic Article Why?
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