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Gill, InderbirPerson Why?
Microelectromechanical systems in urology.Academic Article Why?
Quality assessment of economic analyses in pediatric urology.Academic Article Why?
Breyer, BenjaminPerson Why?
High-fidelity simulation-based team training in urology: evaluation of technical and nontechnical skills of urology residents during laparoscopic partial nephrectomy.Academic Article Why?
Prevalence of Research Publication Misrepresentation Among Urology Residency Applicants and Its Effect on Match Success.Academic Article Why?
Urology in San Diego--its history in "America's finest city".Academic Article Why?
Urology practice patterns after residency training in radical perineal prostatectomy.Academic Article Why?
Validating the use of the Mimic dV-trainer for robotic surgery skill acquisition among urology residents.Academic Article Why?
Decision analysis and Markov modeling in urology.Academic Article Why?
European Association of Urology (@Uroweb) recommendations on the appropriate use of social media.Academic Article Why?
Gender trends of urology manuscript authors in the United States: a 35-year progression.Academic Article Why?
Health policy 2016: implications for geriatric urology.Academic Article Why?
Legends in urology.Academic Article Why?
Manuscript publication by urology residents and predictive factors.Academic Article Why?
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