Vicki Plaks

TitleAssistant Professor
InstitutionUniversity of California San Francisco
DepartmentOrofacial Sciences
Address513 Parnassus Ave
San Francisco CA 94143
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    1. Samson S, Northey JJ, Plaks V, Baas C, Dean I, LaBarge MA, Goga A, Van't Veer LJ, Weaver VM. New Horizons in Advocacy Engaged Physical Sciences and Oncology Research. Trends Cancer. 2018 Apr; 4(4):260-264. PMID: 29606307.
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    2. Owyong M, Efe G, Owyong M, Abbasi AJ, Sitarama V, Plaks V. Overcoming Barriers of Age to Enhance Efficacy of Cancer Immunotherapy: The Clout of the Extracellular Matrix. Front Cell Dev Biol. 2018; 6:19. PMID: 29546043.
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    3. Owyong M, Hosseini-Nassab N, Efe G, Honkala A, van den Bijgaart RJE, Plaks V, Smith BR. Cancer Immunotherapy Getting Brainy: Visualizing the Distinctive CNS Metastatic Niche to Illuminate Therapeutic Resistance. Drug Resist Updat. 2017 Nov; 33-35:23-35. PMID: 29145972.
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    4. van den Bijgaart RJ, Kong N, Maynard C, Plaks V. Ex vivo Live Imaging of Lung Metastasis and Their Microenvironment. J Vis Exp. 2016 Feb 03; (108):e53741. PMID: 26862704.
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    5. Plaks V, Boldajipour B, Linnemann JR, Nguyen NH, Kersten K, Wolf Y, Casbon AJ, Kong N, van den Bijgaart RJ, Sheppard D, Melton AC, Krummel MF, Werb Z. Adaptive Immune Regulation of Mammary Postnatal Organogenesis. Dev Cell. 2015 Sep 14; 34(5):493-504. PMID: 26321127; PMCID: PMC4573906.
    6. Plaks V, Kong N, Werb Z. The cancer stem cell niche: how essential is the niche in regulating stemness of tumor cells? Cell Stem Cell. 2015 Mar 05; 16(3):225-38. PMID: 25748930; PMCID: PMC4355577.
    7. Plaks V, Gershon E, Zeisel A, Jacob-Hirsch J, Neeman M, Winterhager E, Rechavi G, Domany E, Dekel N. Blastocyst implantation failure relates to impaired translational machinery gene expression. Reproduction. 2014 Jul; 148(1):87-98. PMID: 24700326.
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    8. Plaks V, Koopman CD, Werb Z. Cancer. Circulating tumor cells. Science. 2013 Sep 13; 341(6151):1186-8. PMID: 24031008; PMCID: PMC3842225.
    9. Plaks V, Rinkenberger J, Dai J, Flannery M, Sund M, Kanasaki K, Ni W, Kalluri R, Werb Z. Matrix metalloproteinase-9 deficiency phenocopies features of preeclampsia and intrauterine growth restriction. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2013 Jul 02; 110(27):11109-14. PMID: 23776237; PMCID: PMC3704020.
    10. Plaks V, Brenot A, Lawson DA, Linnemann JR, Van Kappel EC, Wong KC, de Sauvage F, Klein OD, Werb Z. Lgr5-expressing cells are sufficient and necessary for postnatal mammary gland organogenesis. Cell Rep. 2013 Jan 31; 3(1):70-8. PMID: 23352663; PMCID: PMC3563842.
    11. Nakasone ES, Askautrud HA, Kees T, Park JH, Plaks V, Ewald AJ, Fein M, Rasch MG, Tan YX, Qiu J, Park J, Sinha P, Bissell MJ, Frengen E, Werb Z, Egeblad M. Imaging tumor-stroma interactions during chemotherapy reveals contributions of the microenvironment to resistance. Cancer Cell. 2012 Apr 17; 21(4):488-503. PMID: 22516258; PMCID: PMC3332002.
    12. Hunkapiller NM, Gasperowicz M, Kapidzic M, Plaks V, Maltepe E, Kitajewski J, Cross JC, Fisher SJ. A role for Notch signaling in trophoblast endovascular invasion and in the pathogenesis of pre-eclampsia. Development. 2011 Jul; 138(14):2987-98. PMID: 21693515; PMCID: PMC3119307.
    13. Plaks V, Sapoznik S, Berkovitz E, Haffner-Krausz R, Dekel N, Harmelin A, Neeman M. Functional phenotyping of the maternal albumin turnover in the mouse placenta by dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI. Mol Imaging Biol. 2011 Jun; 13(3):481-492. PMID: 20686857; PMCID: PMC3087877.
    14. Plaks V, Berkovitz E, Vandoorne K, Berkutzki T, Damari GM, Haffner R, Dekel N, Hemmings BA, Neeman M, Harmelin A. Survival and size are differentially regulated by placental and fetal PKBalpha/AKT1 in mice. Biol Reprod. 2011 Mar; 84(3):537-45. PMID: 20980686; PMCID: PMC3558738.
    15. Vandoorne K, Magland J, Plaks V, Sharir A, Zelzer E, Wehrli F, Hemmings BA, Harmelin A, Neeman M. Bone vascularization and trabecular bone formation are mediated by PKB alpha/Akt1 in a gene-dosage-dependent manner: in vivo and ex vivo MRI. Magn Reson Med. 2010 Jul; 64(1):54-64. PMID: 20572141; PMCID: PMC3558735.
    16. Kessenbrock K, Plaks V, Werb Z. Matrix metalloproteinases: regulators of the tumor microenvironment. Cell. 2010 Apr 02; 141(1):52-67. PMID: 20371345; PMCID: PMC2862057.
    17. Cohen B, Ziv K, Plaks V, Harmelin A, Neeman M. Ferritin nanoparticles as magnetic resonance reporter gene. Wiley Interdiscip Rev Nanomed Nanobiotechnol. 2009 Mar-Apr; 1(2):181-8. PMID: 20049789.
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    18. Plaks V, Birnberg T, Berkutzki T, Sela S, BenYashar A, Kalchenko V, Mor G, Keshet E, Dekel N, Neeman M, Jung S. Uterine DCs are crucial for decidua formation during embryo implantation in mice. J Clin Invest. 2008 Dec; 118(12):3954-65. PMID: 19033665; PMCID: PMC2582932.
    19. Gershon E, Plaks V, Dekel N. Gap junctions in the ovary: expression, localization and function. Mol Cell Endocrinol. 2008 Jan 30; 282(1-2):18-25. PMID: 18162286.
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    20. Gershon E, Plaks V, Aharon I, Galiani D, Reizel Y, Sela-Abramovich S, Granot I, Winterhager E, Dekel N. Oocyte-directed depletion of connexin43 using the Cre-LoxP system leads to subfertility in female mice. Dev Biol. 2008 Jan 01; 313(1):1-12. PMID: 18005958.
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    21. Cohen B, Ziv K, Plaks V, Israely T, Kalchenko V, Harmelin A, Benjamin LE, Neeman M. MRI detection of transcriptional regulation of gene expression in transgenic mice. Nat Med. 2007 Apr; 13(4):498-503. PMID: 17351627.
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    22. Girsh E, Plaks V, Gilad AA, Nevo N, Schechtman E, Neeman M, Dekel N. Cloprostenol, a prostaglandin F(2alpha) analog, induces hypoxia in rat placenta: BOLD contrast MRI. NMR Biomed. 2007 Feb; 20(1):28-39. PMID: 16947426.
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    23. Plaks V, Kalchenko V, Dekel N, Neeman M. MRI analysis of angiogenesis during mouse embryo implantation. Magn Reson Med. 2006 May; 55(5):1013-22. PMID: 16598729.
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    24. Mazor O, Brandis A, Plaks V, Neumark E, Rosenbach-Belkin V, Salomon Y, Scherz A. WST11, a novel water-soluble bacteriochlorophyll derivative; cellular uptake, pharmacokinetics, biodistribution and vascular-targeted photodynamic activity using melanoma tumors as a model. Photochem Photobiol. 2005 Mar-Apr; 81(2):342-51. PMID: 15623318.
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    25. Plaks V, Posen Y, Mazor O, Brandis A, Scherz A, Salomon Y. Homologous adaptation to oxidative stress induced by the photosensitized Pd-bacteriochlorophyll derivative (WST11) in cultured endothelial cells. J Biol Chem. 2004 Oct 29; 279(44):45713-20. PMID: 15339936.
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    26. Plaks V, Koudinova N, Nevo U, Pinthus JH, Kanety H, Eshhar Z, Ramon J, Scherz A, Neeman M, Salomon Y. Photodynamic therapy of established prostatic adenocarcinoma with TOOKAD: a biphasic apparent diffusion coefficient change as potential early MRI response marker. Neoplasia. 2004 May-Jun; 6(3):224-33. PMID: 15153334; PMCID: PMC1502095.
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