Mazen Kheirbek, PhD

TitleAssistant Professor
InstitutionUniversity of California San Francisco
Address675 Nelson Rising Lane
San Francisco CA 94158
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    Washington University in St. LouisBA
    University of ChicagoPhD
    Columbia UniversityPostdoc

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    Our primary goal is to delineate the neuronal circuits that generate emotional behavior. In particular, we are interested in those circuits that are disrupted in mood and anxiety-related disorders. To accomplish this, apply novel technologies to both monitor and control genetically identified neural networks in real time.

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    How is anxiety-related information relayed across hippocampal-prefrontal circuits
    NIH/NIMH R56MH117961Aug 3, 2018 - Aug 2, 2019
    Role: Co-Principal Investigator
    Circuit and cellular mechanisms of adult neurogenesis in context encoding and discrimination
    NIH/NIMH R01MH111754Sep 15, 2017 - Jun 30, 2022
    Role: Principal Investigator
    Illuminating circuit-based targets for the treatment of depression
    One Mind Rising Star AwardDec 1, 2016 - Nov 30, 2019
    Role: Principal Investigator
    Hippocampal modulation of subcortical circuits in the control of emotional behavior
    NIH/NIMH R01MH108623Apr 1, 2016 - Feb 28, 2021
    Role: Principal Investigator
    2-photon microscope for in vivo functional imaging of neuronal circuits
    NIH S10OD018464Mar 1, 2015 - Feb 29, 2016
    Role: Principal Investigator
    Optogenetic dissection of dentate gyrus circuitry underlying anxiety
    NIH/NIMH K01MH099371Sep 27, 2012 - Jul 31, 2016
    Role: Principal Investigator
    Modulating plasticity in adult-born neurons of the dentate gyrus
    NIH/NIMH F32MH092101Jul 1, 2011 - Oct 31, 2012
    Role: Principal Investigator
    Adenylyl cyclase and plasticity in the striatum.
    NIH/NIMH F31MH076422Sep 29, 2006 - Sep 28, 2008
    Role: Principal Investigator

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    1. Zhou P, Resendez SL, Rodriguez-Romaguera J, Jimenez JC, Neufeld SQ, Giovannucci A, Friedrich J, Pnevmatikakis EA, Stuber GD, Hen R, Kheirbek MA, Sabatini BL, Kass RE, Paninski L. Efficient and accurate extraction of in vivo calcium signals from microendoscopic video data. Elife. 2018 Feb 22; 7. PMID: 29469809.
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    2. Jimenez JC, Su K, Goldberg AR, Luna VM, Biane JS, Ordek G, Zhou P, Ong SK, Wright MA, Zweifel L, Paninski L, Hen R, Kheirbek MA. Anxiety Cells in a Hippocampal-Hypothalamic Circuit. Neuron. 2018 Feb 07; 97(3):670-683.e6. PMID: 29397273.
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    3. Tritschler L, Kheirbek MA, Dantec YL, Mendez-David I, Guilloux JP, Faye C, Doan J, Pham TH, Hen R, David DJ, Gardier AM. Optogenetic activation of granule cells in the dorsal dentate gyrus enhances dopaminergic neurotransmission in the Nucleus Accumbens. Neurosci Res. 2017 Dec 12. PMID: 29246683.
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    4. Woods NI, Kheirbek MA. The Small World of a Fear Memory. Neuron. 2017 Apr 19; 94(2):226-227. PMID: 28426955.
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    6. Carvalho Poyraz F, Holzner E, Bailey MR, Meszaros J, Kenney L, Kheirbek MA, Balsam PD, Kellendonk C. Decreasing Striatopallidal Pathway Function Enhances Motivation by Energizing the Initiation of Goal-Directed Action. J Neurosci. 2016 06 01; 36(22):5988-6001. PMID: 27251620; PMCID: PMC4887564 [Available on 12/01/16].
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    9. Drew LJ, Kheirbek MA, Luna VM, Denny CA, Cloidt MA, Wu MV, Jain S, Scharfman HE, Hen R. Activation of local inhibitory circuits in the dentate gyrus by adult-born neurons. Hippocampus. 2016 06; 26(6):763-78. PMID: 26662922.
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    10. Borgkvist A, Avegno EM, Wong MY, Kheirbek MA, Sonders MS, Hen R, Sulzer D. Loss of Striatonigral GABAergic Presynaptic Inhibition Enables Motor Sensitization in Parkinsonian Mice. Neuron. 2015 Sep 02; 87(5):976-88. PMID: 26335644; PMCID: PMC4559856.
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