Katrina Abuabara, MD

TitleAssistant Professor
SchoolUCSF School of Medicine
Address2340 Sutter Street
San Francisco CA 94115
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    Stanford UniversityBA, MA
    University of PennsylvaniaMSCE
    Harvard Medical SchoolMD

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    Dr. Abuabara is working to develop innovative methods to bridge the gap between evidence generated from population-based studies and decision making for individual patient care. Her current research focuses on the chronic inflammatory disease eczema, which is one of the 50 most prevalent diseases worldwide. She seeks to understand why some individual have skin disease that resolves, while others have recurrences throughout life. Her background in the social sciences, experience analyzing multidimensional data, and clinical training enable her to take an interdisciplinary scientific approach that combines genomic, physiological, environmental, and psychosocial variables to understand patient outcomes over time. Her goal is to develop truly personalized interventions that address both the pathophysiological and sociocultural aspects of chronic disease, and improve the lives of patients with chronic skin conditions.

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