Rachel Whitmer, PhD

TitleAssociate Professor
SchoolUCSF School of Medicine
DepartmentEpidemiology & Biostatistics
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    1. Dacks PA, Armstrong JJ, Brannan SK, Carman AJ, Green AM, Kirkman MS, Krakoff LR, Kuller LH, Launer LJ, Lovestone S, Merikle E, Neumann PJ, Rockwood K, Shineman DW, Stefanacci RG, Velentgas P, Viswanathan A, Whitmer RA, Williamson JD, Fillit HM. A call for comparative effectiveness research to learn whether routine clinical care decisions can protect from dementia and cognitive decline. Alzheimers Res Ther. 2016; 8:33. PMID: 27543171.
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    2. Rist PM, Nguyen TT, Whitmer R, Glymour MM. Modifiable risk factors for nursing home admission among individuals with high and low dementia risk. Arch Gerontol Geriatr. 2016 Jul-Aug; 65:140-5. PMID: 27023177.
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    3. Albanese E, Matthews KA, Zhang J, Jacobs DR, Whitmer R, Wadley VG, Yaffe K, Sidney S, Launer LJ. Hostile attitudes and effortful coping in young adulthood predict cognition 25 years later. Neurology. 2016 Mar 29; 86(13):1227-34. PMID: 26935891.
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    4. Barone FC, Gustafson D, Crystal HA, Moreno H, Adamski MG, Arai K, Baird AE, Balucani C, Brickman AM, Cechetto D, Gorelick P, Biessels GJ, Kiliaan A, Launer L, Schneider J, Sorond FA, Whitmer R, Wright C, Zhang ZG. First translational 'Think Tank' on cerebrovascular disease, cognitive impairment and dementia. J Transl Med. 2016; 14(1):50. PMID: 26873444.
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    5. Mayeda ER, Glymour MM, Quesenberry CP, Whitmer R. Inequalities in dementia incidence between six racial and ethnic groups over 14 years. Alzheimers Dement. 2016 Mar; 12(3):216-24. PMID: 26874595.
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    12. Whitmer RA. Cognitive impairment in ORIGIN: timing is everything. Lancet Diabetes Endocrinol. 2014 Jul; 2(7):531-2. PMID: 24898832.
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