Kevin Bender, PhD

TitleAssistant Professor
InstitutionUniversity of California San Francisco
Address675 Nelson Rising Lane
San Francisco CA 94158
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    Molecular and circuit mechanisms of antipsychotics
    NIH/NIMH R01MH112729Apr 10, 2017 - Feb 28, 2022
    Role: Principal Investigator
    Development and physiology of axo-axonic synapses
    NIH/NIMH R21MH112117Sep 24, 2016 - Aug 31, 2018
    Role: Principal Investigator
    Cellular mechanisms for dopaminergic control of learning in prefrontal cortex
    NIH/NIDA R01DA035913Aug 1, 2013 - Apr 30, 2018
    Role: Principal Investigator
    Function and regulation of action potential bursts in the auditory system.
    NIH/NIDCD R00DC011080Dec 1, 2011 - Nov 30, 2014
    Role: Principal Investigator
    Function and regulation of action potential bursts in the auditory system.
    NIH/NIDCD K99DC011080Jul 1, 2010 - Jun 30, 2012
    Role: Principal Investigator

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    1. Willsey AJ, Morris MT, Wang S, Willsey HR, Sun N, Teerikorpi N, Baum TB, Cagney G, Bender K, Desai TA, Srivastava D, Davis GW, Doudna J, Chang E, Sohal V, Lowenstein DH, Li H, Agard D, Keiser MJ, Shoichet B, von Zastrow M, Mucke L, Finkbeiner S, Gan L, Sestan N, Ward ME, Huttenhain R, Nowakowski TJ, Bellen HJ, Frank LM, Khokha MK, Lifton RP, Kampmann M, Ideker T, State MW, Krogan NJ. The Psychiatric Cell Map Initiative: A Convergent Systems Biological Approach to Illuminating Key Molecular Pathways in Neuropsychiatric Disorders. Cell. 2018 Jul 26; 174(3):505-520. PMID: 30053424.
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    2. Incontro S, Díaz-Alonso J, Iafrati J, Vieira M, Asensio CS, Sohal VS, Roche KW, Bender K, Nicoll RA. The CaMKII/NMDA receptor complex controls hippocampal synaptic transmission by kinase-dependent and independent mechanisms. Nat Commun. 2018 May 25; 9(1):2069. PMID: 29802289.
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    3. Sanders SJ, Campbell AJ, Cottrell JR, Moller RS, Wagner FF, Auldridge AL, Bernier RA, Catterall WA, Chung WK, Empfield JR, George AL, Hipp JF, Khwaja O, Kiskinis E, Lal D, Malhotra D, Millichap JJ, Otis TS, Petrou S, Pitt G, Schust LF, Taylor CM, Tjernagel J, Spiro JE, Bender K. Progress in Understanding and Treating SCN2A-Mediated Disorders. Trends Neurosci. 2018 Apr 22. PMID: 29691040.
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    4. Athilingam JC, Ben-Shalom R, Keeshen CM, Sohal VS, Bender K. Serotonin enhances excitability and gamma frequency temporal integration in mouse prefrontal fast-spiking interneurons. Elife. 2017 12 05; 6. PMID: 29206101.
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    5. Laguesse S, Morisot N, Shin JH, Liu F, Adrover MF, Sakhai SA, Lopez MF, Phamluong K, Griffin WC, Becker HC, Bender K, Alvarez VA, Ron D. Prosapip1-Dependent Synaptic Adaptations in the Nucleus Accumbens Drive Alcohol Intake, Seeking, and Reward. Neuron. 2017 Sep 27; 96(1):145-159.e8. PMID: 28890345.
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    6. Yang T, Yang CF, Chizari MD, Maheswaranathan N, Burke KJ, Borius M, Inoue S, Chiang MC, Bender K, Ganguli S, Shah NM. Social Control of Hypothalamus-Mediated Male Aggression. Neuron. 2017 Aug 16; 95(4):955-970.e4. PMID: 28757304.
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    7. Ellwood IT, Patel T, Wadia V, Lee AT, Liptak AT, Bender K, Sohal VS. Tonic or Phasic Stimulation of Dopaminergic Projections to Prefrontal Cortex Causes Mice to Maintain or Deviate from Previously Learned Behavioral Strategies. J Neurosci. 2017 Aug 30; 37(35):8315-8329. PMID: 28739583.
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    8. Rinetti-Vargas G, Phamluong K, Ron D, Bender K. Periadolescent Maturation of GABAergic Hyperpolarization at the Axon Initial Segment. Cell Rep. 2017 07 05; 20(1):21-29. PMID: 28683314.
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    9. Clarkson RL, Liptak AT, Gee SM, Sohal VS, Bender K. D3 Receptors Regulate Excitability in a Unique Class of Prefrontal Pyramidal Cells. J Neurosci. 2017 Jun 14; 37(24):5846-5860. PMID: 28522735.
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    10. Cabrera R, Filevich O, García-Acosta B, Athilingam J, Bender K, Poskanzer KE, Etchenique R. A Visible-Light-Sensitive Caged Serotonin. ACS Chem Neurosci. 2017 05 17; 8(5):1036-1042. PMID: 28460173.
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    11. Ben-Shalom R, Keeshen CM, Berrios KN, An JY, Sanders SJ, Bender K. Opposing Effects on NaV1.2 Function Underlie Differences Between SCN2A Variants Observed in Individuals With Autism Spectrum Disorder or Infantile Seizures. Biol Psychiatry. 2017 Aug 01; 82(3):224-232. PMID: 28256214.
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    12. Yang S, Ben-Shalom R, Ahn M, Liptak AT, van Rijn RM, Whistler JL, Bender K. ß-Arrestin-Dependent Dopaminergic Regulation of Calcium Channel Activity in the Axon Initial Segment. Cell Rep. 2016 08 09; 16(6):1518-1526. PMID: 27452469.
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