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    Arthur Weiss, MD, PhD

    SchoolUCSF School of Medicine
    Address513 Parnassus Ave, Med Sci
    San Francisco CA 94143
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      TitleHoward Hughes Investigator

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      University of California, San FranciscoResidency Rheumatology
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      UCSF2012Lifetime Achievement in Mentoring Award
      American Association of Immunologists2012Lifetime Achievement Award
      Institute of Medicine2004Member
      American College of Rheumatology2004Distinguished Investigator Award
      National Academy of Sciences2004Member
      American Academy of Arts and Sciences2003Fellow
      American Association of Immunologists2001American Association of Immunologists-Huang Foundation Meritorious Career Award
      UCSF1998Forty-first Faculty Research Lecturer
      Arthritis Foundation1997Lee C. Howley Prize
      American Association of Immunologists1993Junior Investigator Award
      Western Society for Clinical Investigation1990Young Investigator Award
      American College of Rheumatology1990Henry Kunkel Young Investigator Award

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      Collapse Overview
      Research Interest:

      The response of lymphocytes to antigen which initiates an antigen specific immune response also represents a unique opportunity to study how complex molecular interactions between cells can lead to developmental decisions, cell differentiation and proliferation. We are interested in understanding how receptors involved in antigen recognition can initiate signal transduction events that regulate cell responses in the immune system. We know that receptors involved in antigen recognition functionally interact with tyrosine kinases and phosphatases, enzymes that regulate protein phosphorylation, to induce signaling pathways that regulate cellular responses and gene expression. We are using genetically selective small molecule inhibitors of kinases together with phosphatase mutants to study how thresholds for the initiation of immune responses are set and how feedback circuits influence responses. We would like to understand how the tyrosine kinases and phosphatases in these pathways are regulated and how they control cellular responses in development, in normal immune responses and in autoimmune diseases such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis.

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