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    Henry Vanbrocklin, PhD

    SchoolUCSF School of Medicine
    Address185 Berry Street
    San Francisco CA 94143

       Awards and Honors
      Molecular Imaging 2011Editor-in-Chief
      Society of Nuclear Medicine2006SNM Presidents Distinguished Service Award
      US Department of Energy1990Alexander Hollaender Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellow
      Society of Nuclear Medicine2010SNM Presidents Distinguished Service Award

      Henry VanBrocklin, PhD, is a Professor in Residence, Director of the Radiopharmaceutical Research Program in the Center for Molecular and Functional Imaging (CMFI) at the University of California, San Francisco China Basin, and he is a Joint Faculty Scientist at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Dr. VanBrocklin obtained his PhD in Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry from Washington University, St. Louis in 1990, and he completed a two-year postdoctoral program at the University of Illinois, Urbana in 1992. He maintains an active radiotracer research program in addition to providing tracers for collaborative basic science and translational clinical research. His research interests include short-lived radioisotope production to the creation of fluorine-18 and carcbon-11 labeling chemistry strategies for new radiotracer preparations and applications.

      Dr. VanBrocklin is one of the core faculty for the Master's in Biomedical Imaging (MSBI) program and a member of the MSBI executive committee.

      Dr. VanBrocklin was awarded the Alexander Hollaender Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellowship from the U.S. Department of Energy for developing positron-labeled estrogens, progestins, and androgens for tumor imaging. He has 70 published research articles.


      Short-lived radioisotope production to the creation of fluorine-18 and carbon-11 labeling chemistry strategies for new radiotracer preparations and applications, development of positron-labeled estrogens, progestin’s, androgens for tumor imaging

      Professional Interests:
      Developing radiopharmaceutical probes for PET and SPECT imaging applications including tracers for blood flow measurement, receptor-targeted tracers for prostate, pancreatic and breast cancer, and neurological imaging agents for neuroinflammation and excititory amino acid transport.

      Education and Training:
      • Doctor of Philosophy: Washington University, St. Louis - Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry
      • Postdoctoral Fellow: University of Illinois, Urbana

      Developing radiopharmaceutical probes for PET and SPECT blood flow measurement and receptor-based targeted tracers for cancer, prostate, kidney, cancer.

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      1. Hope TA, Aggarwal R, Simko JP, VanBrocklin HF, Ryan CJ. Somatostatin Imaging of Neuroendocrine-Differentiated Prostate Cancer. Clin Nucl Med. 2015 Mar 17.
        View in: PubMed
      2. LeBeau AM, Sevillano N, Markham K, Winter MB, Murphy ST, Hostetter DR, West J, Lowman H, Craik CS, VanBrocklin HF. Imaging active urokinase plasminogen activator in prostate cancer. Cancer Res. 2015 Apr 1; 75(7):1225-35.
        View in: PubMed
      3. Carroll V, Michel BW, Blecha J, VanBrocklin H, Keshari K, Wilson D, Chang CJ. A boronate-caged [¹8F]FLT probe for hydrogen peroxide detection using positron emission tomography. J Am Chem Soc. 2014 Oct 22; 136(42):14742-5.
        View in: PubMed PMC4210116
      4. James SL, Ahmed SK, Murphy S, Braden MR, Belabassi Y, VanBrocklin HF, Thompson CM, Gerdes JM. A novel fluorine-18 ß-fluoroethoxy organophosphate positron emission tomography imaging tracer targeted to central nervous system acetylcholinesterase. ACS Chem Neurosci. 2014 Jul 16; 5(7):519-24.
        View in: PubMed PMC4102964
      5. LeBeau AM, Sevillano N, King ML, Duriseti S, Murphy ST, Craik CS, Murphy LL, VanBrocklin HF. Imaging the urokinase plasminongen activator receptor in preclinical breast cancer models of acquired drug resistance. Theranostics. 2014; 4(3):267-79.
        View in: PubMed PMC3915090
      6. Nordstrom R, Cherry S, Azhdarinia A, Sevick-Muraca E, Vanbrocklin H. Photons across medicine: relating optical and nuclear imaging. Biomed Opt Express. 2013; 4(12):2751-62.
        View in: PubMed PMC3862159
      7. Keshari KR, Sai V, Wang ZJ, Vanbrocklin HF, Kurhanewicz J, Wilson DM. Hyperpolarized [1-13C]dehydroascorbate MR spectroscopy in a murine model of prostate cancer: comparison with 18F-FDG PET. J Nucl Med. 2013 Jun; 54(6):922-8.
        View in: PubMed PMC3682497
      8. LeBeau AM, Duriseti S, Murphy ST, Pepin F, Hann B, Gray JW, VanBrocklin HF, Craik CS. Targeting uPAR with antagonistic recombinant human antibodies in aggressive breast cancer. Cancer Res. 2013 Apr 1; 73(7):2070-81.
        View in: PubMed PMC3618559
      9. LeBeau AM, Lee M, Murphy ST, Hann BC, Warren RS, Delos Santos R, Kurhanewicz J, Hanash SM, VanBrocklin HF, Craik CS. Imaging a functional tumorigenic biomarker in the transformed epithelium. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2013 Jan 2; 110(1):93-8.
        View in: PubMed PMC3538269
      10. Seo Y, Gustafson WC, Dannoon SF, Nekritz EA, Lee CL, Murphy ST, VanBrocklin HF, Hernandez-Pampaloni M, Haas-Kogan DA, Weiss WA, Matthay KK. Tumor dosimetry using [124I]m-iodobenzylguanidine microPET/CT for [131I]m-iodobenzylguanidine treatment of neuroblastoma in a murine xenograft model. Mol Imaging Biol. 2012 Dec; 14(6):735-42.
        View in: PubMed PMC3369020
      11. Vaquero JJ, Gao DW, García-Villaba C, Bacharach S, Vanbrocklin H, Fang Q, Desco M, Lee R, Dae M. Approach to assessing myocardial perfusion in rats using static [13N]-ammonia images and a small-animal PET. Mol Imaging Biol. 2012 Oct; 14(5):541-5.
        View in: PubMed
      12. McCarthy TJ, Vanbrocklin HF. In memoriam: Michael John Welch, Ph.D 1939-2012. Mol Imaging Biol. 2012 Aug; 14(4):393-4.
        View in: PubMed
      13. Wilson KJ, Mill CP, Gallo RM, Cameron EM, VanBrocklin H, Settleman J, Riese DJ. The Q43L mutant of neuregulin 2ß is a pan-ErbB receptor antagonist. Biochem J. 2012 Apr 1; 443(1):133-44.
        View in: PubMed PMC3960720
      14. VanBrocklin H. Accepting the torch. Mol Imaging. 2012 Feb; 11(1):1.
        View in: PubMed
      15. Broisat A, Ruiz M, Goodman NC, Hanrahan SM, Reutter BW, Brennan KM, Janabi M, Schaefer S, Watson DD, Beller GA, VanBrocklin HF, Glover DK. Myocardial uptake of 7'-(Z)-[(123)I]iodorotenone during vasodilator stress in dogs with critical coronary stenoses. Circ Cardiovasc Imaging. 2011 Nov; 4(6):685-92.
        View in: PubMed PMC3587960
      16. Norenberg JP, Schwarz S, VanBrocklin H. FDA cGMP requirements for PET drugs. J Nucl Med. 2011 May; 52(5):16N.
        View in: PubMed
      17. Iyer AK, Lan X, Zhu X, Su Y, Feng J, Zhang X, Gao D, Seo Y, Vanbrocklin HF, Broaddus VC, Liu B, He J. Novel human single chain antibody fragments that are rapidly internalizing effectively target epithelioid and sarcomatoid mesotheliomas. Cancer Res. 2011 Apr 1; 71(7):2428-32.
        View in: PubMed PMC3071798
      18. Vasdev N, Dorff PN, O'Neil JP, Chin FT, Hanrahan S, VanBrocklin HF. Metabolic stability of 6,7-dialkoxy-4-(2-, 3- and 4-[18F]fluoroanilino)quinazolines, potential EGFR imaging probes. Bioorg Med Chem. 2011 May 1; 19(9):2959-65.
        View in: PubMed PMC3099137
      19. More SS, Itsara M, Yang X, Geier EG, Tadano MK, Seo Y, Vanbrocklin HF, Weiss WA, Mueller S, Haas-Kogan DA, Dubois SG, Matthay KK, Giacomini KM. Vorinostat increases expression of functional norepinephrine transporter in neuroblastoma in vitro and in vivo model systems. Clin Cancer Res. 2011 Apr 15; 17(8):2339-49.
        View in: PubMed PMC3247296
      20. Iyer AK, Su Y, Feng J, Lan X, Zhu X, Liu Y, Gao D, Seo Y, Vanbrocklin HF, Courtney Broaddus V, Liu B, He J. The effect of internalizing human single chain antibody fragment on liposome targeting to epithelioid and sarcomatoid mesothelioma. Biomaterials. 2011 Apr; 32(10):2605-13.
        View in: PubMed PMC3040448
      21. Vanbrocklin H, Schwarz S. CGMP for PET drugs: important steps to take now. J Nucl Med. 2010 Dec; 51(12):17N.
        View in: PubMed
      22. Hicks JW, VanBrocklin HF, Wilson AA, Houle S, Vasdev N. Radiolabeled small molecule protein kinase inhibitors for imaging with PET or SPECT. Molecules. 2010 Nov; 15(11):8260-78.
        View in: PubMed
      23. Lee CL, Wahnishe H, Sayre GA, Cho HM, Kim HJ, Hernandez-Pampaloni M, Hawkins RA, Dannoon SF, VanBrocklin HF, Itsara M, Weiss WA, Yang X, Haas-Kogan DA, Matthay KK, Seo Y. Radiation dose estimation using preclinical imaging with 124I-metaiodobenzylguanidine (MIBG) PET. Med Phys. 2010 Sep; 37(9):4861-7.
        View in: PubMed PMC2937055
      24. Mihardja SS, Gao D, Sievers RE, Fang Q, Feng J, Wang J, Vanbrocklin HF, Larrick JW, Huang M, Dae M, Lee RJ. Targeted in vivo extracellular matrix formation promotes neovascularization in a rodent model of myocardial infarction. PLoS One. 2010; 5(4):e10384.
        View in: PubMed PMC2860995
      25. Anderson CJ, Bulte JW, Chen K, Chen X, Khaw BA, Shokeen M, Wooley KL, VanBrocklin HF. Design of targeted cardiovascular molecular imaging probes. J Nucl Med. 2010 May 1; 51 Suppl 1:3S-17S.
        View in: PubMed PMC3629978
      26. He J, Wang Y, Feng J, Zhu X, Lan X, Iyer AK, Zhang N, Seo Y, VanBrocklin HF, Liu B. Targeting prostate cancer cells in vivo using a rapidly internalizing novel human single-chain antibody fragment. J Nucl Med. 2010 Mar; 51(3):427-32.
        View in: PubMed PMC2832590
      27. Lapi SE, Wahnishe H, Pham D, Wu LY, Nedrow-Byers JR, Liu T, Vejdani K, VanBrocklin HF, Berkman CE, Jones EF. Assessment of an 18F-labeled phosphoramidate peptidomimetic as a new prostate-specific membrane antigen-targeted imaging agent for prostate cancer. J Nucl Med. 2009 Dec; 50(12):2042-8.
        View in: PubMed PMC3575752
      28. Christine CW, Starr PA, Larson PS, Eberling JL, Jagust WJ, Hawkins RA, VanBrocklin HF, Wright JF, Bankiewicz KS, Aminoff MJ. Safety and tolerability of putaminal AADC gene therapy for Parkinson disease. Neurology. 2009 Nov 17; 73(20):1662-9.
        View in: PubMed PMC2839805
      29. VanBrocklin HF. Introduction to special issue. Mol Imaging. 2009 Mar-Apr; 8(2):55.
        View in: PubMed
      30. Watkins GA, Jones EF, Scott Shell M, VanBrocklin HF, Pan MH, Hanrahan SM, Feng JJ, He J, Sounni NE, Dill KA, Contag CH, Coussens LM, Franc BL. Development of an optimized activatable MMP-14 targeted SPECT imaging probe. Bioorg Med Chem. 2009 Jan 15; 17(2):653-9.
        View in: PubMed PMC2639212
      31. VanBrocklin HF. Advancing molecular imaging from the laboratory to everyday practice. J Nucl Med. 2008 Dec; 49(12):22N-23N.
        View in: PubMed
      32. Jones EF, Gould RG, VanBrocklin HF. Bruce H. Hasegawa, PhD, 1951-2008. J Nucl Med. 2008 Sep; 49(9):37N-38N.
        View in: PubMed
      33. VanBrocklin H. Session 2: strategies for fast-track technological development and regulatory issues. J Nucl Med. 2008 Jun; 49(6):38N-39N.
        View in: PubMed
      34. VanBrocklin H, Herscovitch P. Molecular imaging update: advances in MI of the brain. J Nucl Med. 2007 May; 48(5):24N, 29N.
        View in: PubMed
      35. VanBrocklin HF, Hanrahan SM, Enas JD, Nandanan E, O'Neil JP. Mitochondrial avid radioprobes. Preparation and evaluation of 7'(Z)-[125I]iodorotenone and 7'(Z)-[125I]iodorotenol. Nucl Med Biol. 2007 Jan; 34(1):109-16.
        View in: PubMed PMC1852529
      36. VanBrocklin HF, Lim JK, Coffing SL, Hom DL, Negash K, Ono MY, Gilmore JL, Bryant I, Riese DJ. Anilinodialkoxyquinazolines: screening epidermal growth factor receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitors for potential tumor imaging probes. J Med Chem. 2005 Nov 17; 48(23):7445-56.
        View in: PubMed
      37. VanBrocklin HF, Blagoev M, Hoepping A, O'Neil JP, Klose M, Schubiger PA, Ametamey S. A new precursor for the preparation of 6-[18F]Fluoro-L-m-tyrosine ([18F]FMT): efficient synthesis and comparison of radiolabeling. Appl Radiat Isot. 2004 Dec; 61(6):1289-94.
        View in: PubMed
      38. Marshall RC, Powers-Risius P, Reutter BW, O'Neil JP, La Belle M, Huesman RH, VanBrocklin HF. Kinetic analysis of 18F-fluorodihydrorotenone as a deposited myocardial flow tracer: comparison to 201Tl. J Nucl Med. 2004 Nov; 45(11):1950-9.
        View in: PubMed
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        View in: PubMed
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        View in: PubMed
      41. Collier TL, Lecomte R, McCarthy TJ, Meikle S, Ruth TJ, Scopinaro F, Signore A, VanBrocklin H, van De Wiele C, Waterhouse RN. Assessment of cancer-associated biomarkers by positron emission tomography: advances and challenges. Dis Markers. 2002; 18(5-6):211-47.
        View in: PubMed PMC3851410
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        View in: PubMed
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        View in: PubMed
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        View in: PubMed
      45. Eberling JL, Bankiewicz KS, Jordan S, VanBrocklin HF, Jagust WJ. PET studies of functional compensation in a primate model of Parkinson's disease. Neuroreport. 1997 Aug 18; 8(12):2727-33.
        View in: PubMed
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        View in: PubMed
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        View in: PubMed
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        View in: PubMed
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        View in: PubMed
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        View in: PubMed
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        View in: PubMed
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        View in: PubMed
      53. VanBrocklin HF, Carlson KE, Katzenellenbogen JA, Welch MJ. 16 beta-([18F]fluoro)estrogens: systematic investigation of a new series of fluorine-18-labeled estrogens as potential imaging agents for estrogen-receptor-positive breast tumors. J Med Chem. 1993 May 28; 36(11):1619-29.
        View in: PubMed
      54. Kochanny MJ, VanBrocklin HF, Kym PR, Carlson KE, O'Neil JP, Bonasera TA, Welch MJ, Katzenellenbogen JA. Fluorine-18-labeled progestin ketals: synthesis and target tissue uptake selectivity of potential imaging agents for receptor-positive breast tumors. J Med Chem. 1993 Apr 30; 36(9):1120-7.
        View in: PubMed
      55. VanBrocklin HF, Rocque PA, Lee HV, Carlson KE, Katzenellenbogen JA, Welch MJ. 16 beta-[18F]fluoromoxestrol: a potent, metabolically stable positron emission tomography imaging agent for estrogen receptor positive human breast tumors. Life Sci. 1993; 53(10):811-9.
        View in: PubMed
      56. French AN, Napolitano E, VanBrocklin HF, Hanson RN, Welch MJ, Katzenellenbogen JA. Synthesis, radiolabeling and tissue distribution of 11 beta-fluoroalkyl- and 11 beta-fluoroalkoxy-substituted estrogens: target tissue uptake selectivity and defluorination of a homologous series of fluorine-18-labeled estrogens. Nucl Med Biol. 1993 Jan; 20(1):31-47.
        View in: PubMed
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        View in: PubMed
      58. VanBrocklin HF, Pomper MG, Carlson KE, Welch MJ, Katzenellenbogen JA. Preparation and evaluation of 17-ethynyl-substituted 16 alpha-[18F]fluoroestradiols: selective receptor-based PET imaging agents. Int J Rad Appl Instrum B. 1992 Apr; 19(3):363-74.
        View in: PubMed
      59. Liu AJ, Katzenellenbogen JA, VanBrocklin HF, Mathias CJ, Welch MJ. 20-[18F]fluoromibolerone, a positron-emitting radiotracer for androgen receptors: synthesis and tissue distribution studies. J Nucl Med. 1991 Jan; 32(1):81-8.
        View in: PubMed
      60. Pomper MG, VanBrocklin H, Thieme AM, Thomas RD, Kiesewetter DO, Carlson KE, Mathias CJ, Welch MJ, Katzenellenbogen JA. 11 beta-methoxy-, 11 beta-ethyl- and 17 alpha-ethynyl-substituted 16 alpha-fluoroestradiols: receptor-based imaging agents with enhanced uptake efficiency and selectivity. J Med Chem. 1990 Dec; 33(12):3143-55.
        View in: PubMed
      61. Pochapsky SS, VanBrocklin HF, Welch MJ, Katzenellenbogen JA. Synthesis and tissue distribution of fluorine-18 labeled trifluorohexadecanoic acids. Considerations in the development of metabolically blocked myocardial imaging agents. Bioconjug Chem. 1990 Jul-Aug; 1(4):231-44.
        View in: PubMed
      62. VanBrocklin HF, Brodack JW, Mathias CJ, Welch MJ, Katzenellenbogen JA, Keenan JF, Mizejewski GJ. Binding of 16 alpha-[18F]fluoro-17 beta-estradiol to alphafetoprotein in Sprague-Dawley female rats affects blood levels. Int J Rad Appl Instrum B. 1990; 17(8):769-73.
        View in: PubMed
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